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I was sick of looking at my flat chest (wouldn't you?) So, I created this website. Ever since I can remember I have wanted a breast Augmentation. I'm not doing this for guys attention, or for a guys at all! I'm doing this so I can enhance my figure. Every girl wants to feel sexy, Why shouldn't they? Doing this is always been something I have wanted to do. If someone puts enough time and effort into a project that they feel strongly about they should undoubtedly come out on top. This has always been a dream of mine, I'm a sexy college co-ed with dreams of having bigger breasts to enhance my figure and feel sexier than I ever though I could. I will soon be moving this site to my own domain as soon as it come available for me. If you don't like big boobs then don't donate, this site is for those that want to donate to my cause. Many sites like this have succeeded and some, unfortunately, have failed. I feel my site will do great from the help of those that love big boobs just as much as the next guy. To those that care, thanks a lot man, you rock!

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Thats Me!!!!

The picture above was taken on 6/04/2004. I finally got my digital camera out of hiding. I have more photos in the "Gallery" and I will be adding more soon!

Why You Should Donate?

You should help me out because i'm a really cool girl with a realistic wish. I feel that if you take the time to read about me (thaks a lot, by the way) then why not give a little to help me out. If I kept you interested in me this much, why not get a little more interested. Like I have mentioned before, i'm a really cool down to earth girl, and if you leave a contribution I will definately personally contact you and thank you. i love chatting and i'm either working or on this little contraption, so i'm always around. So, put a little money in my fund, and give yourself a pat on the back, you did a good job!

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Above is another picture of me. don't I look serious! So, heres the skinny! If you want to donate all you have to do is click the "Make A Donation" button twards the bottom left of the page. Also, Adam and Eve throw a couple of cents my way if you order a "Free DVD" (click the Adam and Eve banner below for your freebie)